Supply Chain Innovations by Hardis Group - Think Forward

Connected devices, artificial intelligence, drones, robots, blockchain and machine learning... in a fast-paced world, our teams work with yours to come up with new uses based on technological innovations and co-design your future logistics solutions.

Got an idea? Let’s co-design your solutions of the future!

Do you have an innovative idea and want to confirm relevance of concept before launching into a large-scale project? We use a Lean Startup approach to provide you with a concrete and operational deliverable in just a few weeks:

  • Macro definition of the target solution: functional scenarios and technological choices
  • Prototype development (Minimum Viable Product - MVP) to test value creation
  • Hosting of the solution on Hardis Group's Cloud
  • Presentation of the solution and user tests
  • Taking into account of customer feedback and development of the solution in agile mode

Innovations based on AWS and Salesforce

We have secured partnerships with the market-leading cloud services platforms, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce in particular, to offer you increasing agility to co-design and deploy new solutions for:

  • your employees, to improve your logistics performance,
  • your customers or partners, to create or strengthen competitive advantage.

Eyesee, our inventory-taking drone

Driven by our employees, innovation is part of Hardis Group's DNA.

One example is our inventory-taking drone Eyesee which was invented by one of our Reflex project managers.

Patented in early 2015, this innovation automates inventory and stock control operations using a drone which moves around the warehouse on a predetermined flight path, controlled by an operator. Its on-board camera reads the barcodes on the pallets included in the inventory. The operator can check the data captured by the drone at any time using a tablet app and the information can be processed by any warehouse management software on the market.