, e-commerce leader in the Netherlands and Belgium, chooses Reflex WMS

The project at a glance is using Reflex WMS to manage its new distribution center in Waalwijk in the Netherlands. The e-commerce merchant was won over by the solution's robustness, ease of learning and flexibility to adapt to all its logistics flows and processes.


Business sector: e-commerce

Sites: 2 distribution warehouses in the Netherlands and Belgium, including a new 50,000 m2 mechanized warehouse

Solution: Reflex WMS

“Reflex WMS excels in usability and its core functionalities can easily be extended to create a solution that can fit your business needs 100%”

Harm Jans

WMS Business Lead,

Context and objectives is the e-commerce leader in the Netherlands and Belgium, with 7.3 million active users. The website includes 15 million products in a wide variety of categories. Since its launch in 1999, the company has experienced spectacular growth, increasing its number of products considerably.

In 2016, to handle this growth and to guarantee outstanding logistics service quality to its partner vendors in the marketplace, started building a new 50,000 m2 distribution center in Waalwijk (Netherlands) combining mechanized operations and processes carried out by operators. At the same time, it decided to equip its long-standing logistics provider Ingram Micro Logistics (formerly DocData) with a new WMS specifically adapted to's needs.

The solution

After examining several solutions on the market, Reflex WMS was chosen for its functional coverage in terms of e-commerce flows and processes, its ability to handle large volumes of items (particularly during end-of-year peaks in activity) and its ease of learning. employees also appreciated the option of autonomously making specific developments to fully adapt Reflex WMS to their needs. Finally, Hardis Group teams also stood out from the others with their logistics expertise and agile project management approach.

Following deployment and conclusive tests conducted on an Ingram Micro Logistics pilot site, which had relatively simple processes, Reflex WMS was deployed at the new mechanized warehouse during summer 2017.

The benefits

  • Robust solution able to handle large volumes of orders
  • Scalable warehouse management tool tailored to's specific requirements
  • Internal team autonomy to customize Reflex WMS
  • Operational excellence of logistics services offered in the marketplace
  • Ability to meet future challenges: range expansion, same-day delivery, etc.