Warehouse Management System

Deployed in over 1,100 warehouses throughout the world, our Reflex WMS warehouse management solution helps manufacturers, retailers and logistics providers to set up reliable, efficient and agile logistics systems and meet e-commerce and omni-channel challenges.

Software to enhance logistics performance


Extensive functional

Processing performance
and robustness

Fully customizable

Full web


Drawing on over 20 years of R&D and feedback from large groups and SMEs alike, Reflex WMS provides a comprehensive response to the challenges faced by logistics providers:

  • Deliver products with ever tighter deadlines and outstanding quality of service
  • Control logistics costs: productivity gains, inventory and transport optimization
  • Increase agility and be responsive to change: fast rotation rates, seasonal variation
  • Improve collaboration with suppliers and carriers upstream and downstream of the warehouse

Ongoing optimization of logistics processes

Reflex WMS is natively multi-site and multi-customer and optimizes each logistics process: receipts and shipments, order picking, stock management and inventories, transport and deliveries, quality control and returns management, etc. Its high-level dashboards provide you with real-time visibility to efficiently manage your logistics operations.

Fully customizable, robust and efficient WMS

Its wealth of features and flexible configuration mean that our warehouse management software can adapt to all activities and handle all types of logistics flows (BtoB, e-commerce, omni-channel). Able to handle large volumes of orders by pallet, package or unit, it ensures end-to-end traceability and compliance with applicable regulations to manage certain categories of products (drugs, alcohol, hazardous goods, etc.).

Full-web and open warehouse management software

Developed according to the latest web standards (HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3) and accessible via a web browser on all your devices, Reflex WMS interfaces with your other applications (ERP, e-commerce, TMS, CRM, etc.) and technologies which are vital to warehouse efficiency (graphical radio frequency, voice control, RFID, mechanization, robots, inventory-taking drone, etc.).

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